Information Literacy: Plagiarism

This is a short quiz designed to reinforce what you have already learned in the module. There is no time limit and you can answer the questions in any order. At the end of the quiz, your answers will be checked and you'll be given an opportunity to print your results.

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The complete text of UWF Plagiarism Policy can be found in which of the following locations?
Penalties for violating UWF’s Plagiarism Policy can include which of the following?
Acceptable excuses for plagiarism include which of the following:
In simple terms, plagiarism is defined as stealing another person’s intellectual property or using someone else's work without giving him or her appropriate credit.
Plagiarism is (select the three that apply):
When using information from a journal article in a research paper, which scenario requires that you include a footnote citing the source of your information?
Which type(s) of information do not need to be cited (check all the apply)?
Which of the following is not an example of common knowledge?
Say each of these sentences is found in your research paper.  Which of them should be cited (check all the apply)?
Instructors at UWF are now able to detect a large amount of plagiarism in student work using TurnItIn ® software.